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31 January 2010 @ 10:11 pm
After Noodle Rant - To Doctors  
    Dad took us again to Charlie's ! ( awesome noodle place, why the name? no idea) :D I had such a fulfilling Beef Hofan of a time.
Minutes later in the car, though not verbally displaying so, I had one of the most energetic rant tornadoes I haven't had in a while.

And oh, surprise surprise. It was doctor-related. ( I know, I should think of a better term for it, and no, I'm not really feeling "medicine"-related either).

Here's why : Mom is currently in charge of a medical mission to be done in a rural Aeta community in Pampanga. By medical mission I mean taking in the local indigenous people and giving them free check-ups and medicines that they would not otherwise be able to afford. As it is an event organized by the HSPA ( high school parent's association) of our school, mom has almost always been involved. This is her first time spear-heading this difficult and still new project though. Unfortunately, after calling around 40+ parents who were doctors from the high school community, only three were willing. THREE.3. 3! (and dammit why do I have to be reminded of that stupid Britney song?!) Why? The past medical missions had been successful with around a dozen. The difference? During the past medical missions, the doctors were payed. And since now, it being a purely charitable thing, the numbers nose-dived. Nearly everyone said that they had clinic hours during that time and etc. Of course they wouldn't trade the money-making ours for something they wouldn't earn a cent for. What else were those years of studying and enduring in med school were for? :/

      I felt like vomiting up my precious Beef Hofan Noodles Galore. All the more did I feel very very infuriated. Since Dad worked in a medical drug company, Mom asked him for help, if he could ask the doctors he knew. He even said so himself " Ano ka ba. Bakit wala kang budget diyan? bihira na ang doktor ngayon na magkawang-gawa" ( Come on, How come you don't have a budget for that? It's rare to find doctors nowadays that would have such a heart). I could not agree more. Especially in the Philippines, where doctors resort to becoming nurses just so they could work abroad and earn more. With doctors who's target places to work in would be the high-class hospitals where high-class people get admitted in.

       Before I continue on, don't get me wrong. Being a doctor for me, is and will always be, one of the most respectable occupations out there. But honestly, I fear that it's image for me is getting closer and closer to politics. What happens when a good-hearted aspiring politician who has nothing but good intentions, win ? No doubt, when that person is in that job long enough, he/she will get corrupted. Naturally, the pressure's everywhere. Family pressure at first, and then self-indulgence. How is closely the same with doctors? Let me tell you about my uncle. He was a brilliant graduate. He started out charging as little as possible to his patience. He soon had a family. Gradually, he of course, had to charge more and more. There was seemingly no harm. He was doing it for his family. There's nothing wrong with that is there? Of course he had to. Eventually, the families that could no longer afford his fee had to transfer to other doctors. They no longer had the privilege of his brilliance. Or should I say, only the rich had. Or should I say, they did not have as much as equal right of getting the best of the best for their health as much as the rich. My uncle is not the only one. Again, much like how being a politician entails, doctors aren't as glamorous or as heroic.

         As much as I could go on forever about this,  I want to share with you guys one last story. I was sharing my thoughts on becoming a psychologist to someone very dear to my heart. Let's call the person Froggy Man. Froggy Man told me this. "I don't get psychologists. If you want to help people, why would you charge them?" If I could, I would've slapped that reply, not the guy. Oh. So I guess the same does not go with doctors? If a person became a doctor for the pure reason of wanting to help lives, why charge them? No. It's not even that. Why charge them that much? Because you graduated from so and so? Because all you're life you worked hard to earn that so and so degree? Because you're a so and so expert? Oh sure. Give me all the arguments that clearly, curing the physical part of a person is more important and difficult than the mental and emotional part.

          My story on me and psychology is yea, that, another story. 

You want to be a doctor? I won't hate you. I won't hate your ambition either. I just hope you keep what I've shared in mind...somehow.
Don't give me hope for good doctors. Prove it. Define the good in both the skill and heart. Give everyone hope. In that I will support you.

that's how i'm programmed to function: tablo; im'ma cut a bitchxperfect_lines on January 31st, 2010 02:40 pm (UTC)
Agreed, down to every punctuation mark bb.

Pero I do understand how your uncle, like some good doctors (that's too vague tho), have to really charge in order to give their services. They also have families to feed, plus the family that worked hard to give one the education and resources to become a full-fledged doctor pa. But yes, I do hope they remember what doctors are meant for in the end :( Kasi everything's just about the money lalo na dito sa Pilipinas.