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02 November 2009 @ 09:05 pm
And even when all hope is gone,move along move along like I know you do  
The subject title?  Nope. I haven't become a sudden fan of the band or anything.
I was just thinking of going with this lyrics-for-subject-title trend.

I really haven't posted much about what really has been happening with my life huh.

On the upside of things, well, that just means I really do have an actual life I guess. I mean, it's not even just because I'm busy with schoolwork. I've actually reached the point of getting SO stressed, so up and down with everything,  that I can't even write about it anymore.
Because I don't want to even look back and read the words I've thought at that time.

(and clearly, me being able to post now just means that I have actually time and the will to do so :)) )

Okay. Of course there were a lot of good memories. Maybe after I write down this post about how my sembreak is going I'll really go all out on just blabbing and going on and on about the new college buds, the new college life and so forth.

So ~ ! Of course everyone knows that due to Ondoy-san a chunk of school days got cancelled - and so we had to make up for that by cutting down days alloted for sembreak. boo hoo. Speaking of Ondoy-san ( yes, I feel like addressing a killer supertyphoon in that manner) , it also left quite a damage in my own house too. While I was stranded in a blockmate's place in Katipunan,the first floor of our house was getting pawned. real bad. I'm talking the water level reaching the keys of a baby grand piano bad. And not just any baby grand piano -- MY BABY GRAND PIANO. </3 I remember actually calling it Ueda at some point too. But fortunately, after moping during the first week, mother sent it to get repaired. But. *gulp* It would probably cause around 35 - 70 grand. Boo ): Mainly because the brand was fairly high class, and so the parts itself were fairly expensive and all. Oh how I really do miss it. ): But I'll save that for another post. ( I know right, that whole chunk of a paragraph right there's just the summary, I could seriously go on and on about losing that piano and all ) :))

Okay. I should really started talking about the freakin topic I planned to.
SEMBREAK 8D <3 Start : Oct. 17 End : Nov. 9

Oct, 17-18 - Just the geek routine for the first weekend. And by that I mean eat, sleep, breathe, talk and FANDOM (X3)
Oct. 19-21 - I kept going back and forth to Uni because of hold orders and unfinished business I had to take care of before the sem ended. I had to do community service too cause of losing my ID :/ and err. my new ID is just lol. It looks like it could be used in a horror movie. not kidding. the ink got smeared ( in the printing process I guess ?) in the freakiest way ever.
Oct.22-24 - First time in months that I was able to go all out on sloth lifestyle 8D. I was rolling around in bed the whole day. Yay. I hung out withTricia mknsen08 and got to meet her blockmates. They tried rockband for the first time :)) . ILU TRICIA.
Oct. 25 - Mom went to an outreach activity my former school organized. So it was just Dad and my sister and I who went to visit my grandmother in Cavite. Oh how I love her noodles ♥
Oct. 26 - Oct 28 - Awesome, Fantasmic Sleepover at Nikki's  thistealistoxic place 8D. I got to meet her adorable puppy named Koki (pronounced as cookie). It was mighty refreshing playing with a different puppy. I really missed sleepovers.
Long ass conversations (Friends, Family, School, Future)
Crazy ass philosophical conversations coupled with a long walk ( Dimensions, Auras, Universe, Earth's core).
Laughing together watching crack (Dane Cook <3 ).
Messing with people through Omegle ( FINLAND IS BEST! , Azusa?!, Tranny Whale?!)
Flailing together watching some dramas ( lol Hina and Aiba in My Girl, Ohyass in Romes)) and etc. :D
Eating *0* ( Siopao, Sashimi Partay, Tamago by Nikki, Imported Bacon, Soy Milk)
Although we were a lot more chill this time I guess? like. when we weren't doing anything at all, I didn't really feel bored either. In fact, I was just worried I might have been boring her already which was the only reason why I tried coming up with things for us to do or talk about. lol. Doing nothing felt really good too. I was like, completely fine just absorbing her presence. haha. freaky much. But yea. Her being physically near was very soothing.♥
Oct. 29 - Not much. the usual
Oct. 30-Nov. 1 - Awesome stay at Orchard Golf and Country club with Natasha ( sister's best friend) and her family. The first day wasn't much, got a massage, ate great dinner at the resthouse, watched "Freddy got Fingered" O_o. IKR. WTF. The second day was much more eventful. I played billiards, table tennis, darts and bowling. *0* The funny thing while we were playing bowling was that I used "Aiba" as my name. And I don't know. True enough during my last three turns "Miracle Boy" took effect and viola , three strikes in a row =)) . I really like sports that don't require speed. lol.
Nov. 1 afternoon I went to the cemetery with relatives in Dad side. It was pretty fun listening to stories about the Japanese side of my family I never knew *0* . like LOL I hadn't noticed, but my Grandma's first name was Yasuko. As in. Yasuko to Kenji. lol  .......... *head desk* . That night too we had a spontaneous cinematic adventure and saw Astroboy. 8D. It was really cute, except for the last 8 seconds which was just WTF. So steven spielberg. Not that I have anything against the guy.
Nov. 2 - Watched "THIS IS IT" with my parents. Ate at yellowcab before we went in. oh wow their new pasta's really good. 8D.
Oh. and on-the-spot Dana joined me in watching too. :D Yay Dana :D


So that's how my sembreak's going so far. :) I hope I can still go to Wensha Spa as a finale or something. XD

Love & Peace ~ ! 

Yay Panda ~ ! ♥  ! 

arashi_chuchuarashi_chuchu on November 4th, 2009 10:43 am (UTC)
MIRACLE BOY ~ XDDD ~ haha ..