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I'm really tired.

Check out the 16-year-old big female bawling, throwing tantrums and finally crying it out since she never had the chance to over the past years .

because of what ?

Oh nothing. Nothing big. Just school. Just my grades. Just my stupidity. Just my being most-likely-not-in-honor's-list-anymore.
Just my future college. Just my future not-chosen-by-me course. Just my future not-liked-by-me job.

Just my future period.

Just my utter failure in life.

Yea. Totally nothing big.
Mae-chan / Rona Mae / Rona
16 November 2008 @ 09:15 pm
First off, if you know nothing about JE, sadly you wouldn't find an intro here or whatever. Although I have been planning to create a pimp post of some sort about it. I suggest you google it or you just read on and you'll eventually get it anyway. ^___^

Alrighty ! Here we go with probably the most must-read post next to my "About Me" posts of course. XD

1st JE Anniversary and JE History  (F-locked)

JE Tastes/Preferances

This would probably be better explained with the JE ranking that I did to be found right after this yea. Please take note though that my JE rank is exactly that. MINE. I seriously stress that the ranking is according to my taste and preferance.

I did this ranking not for the purpose of putting down other JE boys. I did this primarily for fun and primarily because it gets tiring having to answer questions like "Who's your favorite singer? Who do you think acts better, Nino or Jun ? etc.etc."I link this to you, you find something interesting and ask me about it. We then talk about it. Then we'd both be dandy and I didn't have to think again of answers.By now I hope you pretty much get the point. ^____^ I did cheat in some places though, placing two people in one rank. haha. sorry. I really couldn't decide. But mostly there's not much difference between ranks.

Top 10 Girliest/Cutest faces is confusing yea but I didn't want to separate it into to different ranks. All ranks are subjected to change of course.
Latest Update : 04/30/09
JE RANKSCollapse )
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Mae-chan / Rona Mae / Rona
12 November 2008 @ 11:50 pm
Jdrama History
Well JE has certainly a LOT to do with it obviously. haha. I primarily started watching jdrama because of the JE actors who starred in it. Eventually, I also watched anime turned Jdrama series. Then, as I saw more and more series/movies ,I started having favorite actors and actresses. I've reached the point where in I watch other jdramas even if there are no JE boys who star in it. First Jdrama I've literallyseen with a JE boy starring in it would be Hana Yori Dango, but check my JE history about that. First Jdrama I watched because I knew there were JE boys in it would be Gokusen. First Jdrama Movie I watched ever was Lovely Complex. First Jdrama series I watched although there were no JE boys in it was Nodame Cantabile.

TOP 10 Favorite Jdrama [as of 05/10/11]
1) Nodame Cantabile
2) Voice
3) Proposal Daisakusen
4) Kimi Wa Petto
5) Hana Yori Dango
6) Ryuseii no Kizuna
7) Sapuri
8) Hana Kimi
9) Last Friends
10) Unobore Deka


TOP FAVORITE  [as of 04/30/09 ]

1) Ueno Juri1) Miura Haruma
2) Toda Erika2) Mizushima Hiro
3) Horikita Maki3) Eita
4) Aragaki Yui4) Hiroki Narimiya
5) Kuroki Meisa
5) Mukai Osamu

1)Narita Takeshi1)Kaneko Shigeki1)Kono Shin
2)Iishi Yasuharu2)Omoro Mika2)Kanno Yugo
3)Kato Arata3)Kaneko Arisa3)Yoshikawa Kei
4)Undecided4)Undecided4)Yamashita Kouseke
5)Undecided5)Undecided5)Sawano Hiroyuki

And for the sake of those who aren't really into finding out the people behind the dramas I decided to include some of their works here in this list :DCollapse )
Mae-chan / Rona Mae / Rona
12 November 2008 @ 11:45 pm

Anime History ~ 
The first Anime series that I've ever seen were Magic Knight Rayearth, Yu yu Hakusho , Pokemon , Digimon etc. from early childhood.If you're from the Philippines you'd understand this since these were the animes ABS-CBN and Cartoon Network would show. It wasn't until I reached the 5th grade though that I really became a hardcore fan thanks to the birth of Animax ( anime channel) in our local cable. It was from then on that I've watched and became a fan of seriously a ton of animes. ^_^ 

Anime Taste/Preferance ~ 

I love almost all type of anime but the one kind of anime that I have minimal interest in would be Mecha Anime. Although Candidate for Goddess is an exception to this for some reason. Appleseed is also the number one anime that I loved even though it contained Mecha.As long as the story is good, and not really that much focused on mecha, I'd like it. Well , I can't really explain my taste that thoroughly or specifically, but I think you'd get some idea based on the top animes that I absolutely love.

TOP 10 Favorite Anime [as of 11/14/08]
1) Gensomaden Saiyuki
2) Get Backers
3) NaNa
4) Saber Marionette J
5) Shaman King
6) Appleseed Movie
7) Ouran High School Club
8) The Vision of Escaflowne
9) Clamp School
10) Other Clamp Productions ex. Ultra Maniac , Tsubasa Chronicles etc.

List of Anime Series and Movies I've seen Collapse )

TOTAL = 104

Mae-chan / Rona Mae / Rona
11 November 2008 @ 01:31 pm
Why. Yes. I do listen to other J-pop artists aside from JE. haha.

J-music History

Even before I got into JE, I started loving J-music around the same time I started loving anime. Yes. I was one of those geeks who'd sing opening and ending theme songs and insert songs and what have you. But I didn't venture out into discovering more about the artists behind the music yet. The first official artist that I really fangirled was probably WaT ( Wentz and Teppei). That was around late first year of high school. I remember seeing Ali-Project a lot on my Itunes too ( I guess they did a lot of the anime songs that I liked listening to). As for band, I think it was Orange Range that I really got to know because of the song "GO!!!" .Take note though, that I wasn't a fan of Naruto , and I'm still not until now, I just saw they're music video being aired on Animax. I haven't followed their music though. Next would be Laruku, with their song Ready Steady Go from Full Metal Alchemist. I like them more now than the anime. haha.

J-music Taste and Preferance

Seriously. The Japanese absolutely have the most brilliant musicians. I am so into how jpop distinctively sounds. I especially love how they don't conform to the usual instruments you'd here in band music for example. I love that they love to experiment and add a lot more cool effects and sounds to the music.I am a big fan of their ethnic instruments too.Vocally, they have one of the most varied styles of singing as well. Like, come on, only the Japanese have voices that sing like *inserts name of that girl who sings the Voltes V theme song* O_O;; Have you ever heard any other artist outside Japan who sounds like that ?! O_O and enka voices. Oh enka.Even though there are already some j-pop artists appearing too much like how western artists do, I believe that the Japanese should still stick with what's unique in their music and enrich it even further. I absolutely love how they incorporate classical and non-pop sounding music elements into their modern music as well. They really deserve their own rank in Billboards Top 100.

TOP FAVORITE as of [04/30/09]

1) Again by YUI
2)Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru
3)Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru
4) A little Pain by Olivia Lufkin
5) Kiseki by GreeeeN
6)Glamorous Sky by Mika Nakashima
7)Setsuna by GreeeeN
8)Yuki no Hana by Mika Nakashima
9)GROOVY (X3) by UverWorld
10)Shaka Beach ~ Laka  Laka La ~ by UVERworld

Female ArtistMale Artist
1) YUI1)Teppei Koike
2) Utada Hikaru2)Undecided
3) Mika Nakashima3)Undecided
4) Olivia Lufkin4)Undecided
5) Tomoko Kawase5)Undecided
 6) Kuroki Meisa
 7) Nakagawa Shoko
 8 ) Aragaki Yui

* I'm more into searching for and listening to female artists compared to male artists, since well, I have JE already for male. lol. But you can leave a comment if you'd like to recommend anyone? 

Bands and Duos 
1)GreeeeN6) Undecided
2)UverWorld7) Undecided
3)WaT8) Undecided
4)Depapepe9) Undecided

* I'd love it if anyone can recommend any female duo/band :)