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31 December 2012 @ 11:23 pm
Tadaima Liveournal and JE Fandom! Cheers to 2013 again with you! :)  
  After going off to another college and unto a course I'm passionate about, much of my time for being a cyberspace bum has been taken away. ^-^; 
Alas, this meant not being as updated anymore as I used to be with my fandoms. Especially with the surge of popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, more and more of my online pals had moved on. But I figured to still stick with Livejournal, as there are still many wonderful communities here worth staying for that I can't quite find anywhere else. 

It's almost 2013, the year (and month, since my birthday falls 15 days after) I turn 20. And here I am going back to the world of Jhonny's Entertainment, and the boys who made my heart first go doki doki 5 years ago. :) Might I say, it's glad to be back. And this time around, hopefully I'll get to learn my Japanese faster. :))

Cheers to Arashi! Cheers to my Ichiban Aiba Masaki! :) And for the Jhonny's Countdown as well, Cheers to the other JE Groups that I fell in love with throughout these 5 years! (KAT-TUN, NewS, Kanjani8 and Hey!Say!JUMP) , looking forward to many more great appearances from all of you this coming year! 

And to the rest of the Livejournal Community, the users, the subbing teams, the moderators, (who still stayed despite a lot of challenges that happened),